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Choosing a Platform for Business is Now Available on an Interactive Map

There are hundreds of objects in the region which are listed in the database. Business locations are searchable by the key parameters.

An interactive map of the industrial sites in Sverdlovsk region - land plots, industrial parks and logistics complexes – is now available for Ural businessmen and foreign investors, who consider the localization of production in the region. The Development Corporation of Middle Ural  has developed this service with the support of the regional Government, the Ministry of Investments and the Ministry of Industry. Available on the DCMU website this map takes into account the main parameters which the industrialists check while searching and evaluating the real estate facilities for for setting up a production in Sverdlovsk region.

The platform can be selected by the type - industrial park, land plot for construction, warehouse or workshop. In the search parameters, it is possible to specify the industry - and the service will offer facilities which are suitable for this particular type of production in terms of the size of the sanitary protection zone, the hazard class, infrastructure characteristics, energy capacity and availability of raw materials, whether it is chemical industry, engineering, wood processing and other industries.

During the developing of our service, we proceeded from the requests that investors formulated and tried to reflect all the essential characteristics of the site for a business owner. We managed to create the selection tool that takes into account, among other things, the requirements for the price of the facility, and the distance from Ekaterinburg,  - Sergey Kiselev, Director General of the Development Corporation of Middle Ural said.

Service allows you to search for the industrial platforms directly in Ekaterinburg, as well as those which are located at a distance of 30, 100, 200 km or more from the Ural capital. Another important filter is the area of the object. The selection tool will be improving in future.

The interactive map, presented today on the website of the Corporation, is a quality and convenient service. However, it has to become more informative. In particular, we plan to supplement the map with investment passports of municipalities. Thus, users will be able to get acquainted not only with the site itself, but also with the territory where the industrial property site is located. There will be a brief but sufficient description of the main spheres of production in the district, town-forming enterprises, information on the population and human resources that will allow an investor to calculate the possibilities to cooperate  with local partners and to employ the necessary personnel,  – Sergey Kiselev explained.


Today the interactive map contains 350 objects, and keeps growing.

The Development Corporation of Middle Ural has the most relevant and complete database of industrial real estate projects, which unites the demand and the supply of the entire region. The Corporation's database includes finished shops, warehouses, land plots in private, municipal and regional ownership, real estate sold in the framework of bankruptcy. There are famous industrial parks and territories with a special economic regime, and objects, which can not be found in the "open market".

Online service is an opportunity to get acquainted with the industrial real estate market of the region. Further, the DCMU specialists will organize an inspection of objects; can deepen the search, based on the specific needs of the owner. For example, to find a site where the necessary equipment is rented or where the management company renders specific services related to ensuring the environmental safety of production at chemical enterprises.

The advantage of working with the DCMU is an integrated approach. The corporation performs the role of a "one-stop shop" for business, and it is free of charge. Selection of the localization location is just one of the DCMU services, which also provides support to Russian and foreign companies in the implementation of investment projects in the region. The DCMU also helps to establish business contacts and to navigate for available measures of the State support, for example obtaining tax benefits and co-financing for projects.

30 August 2017, 14:00
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