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Business Breakfast: Timber Industry of Russia - 2017. Industry Players Invited to Attend

The Union of Timber Manufacturers and Exporters of Russia, the Government of Sverdlovsk Region and the Development Corporation of Middle Ural are hosting the business breakfast for the representatives of the Timber industry.

The event is supported by the main industry Regulator - the Ministry of the Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. Consulting company Poyry is also a partner of the business breakfast.

Manufacturers in the field of woodworking, pulp-and-paper, sawn wood, fuel wood pellets, boards as well as distributors and consumers of the aforementioned materials are invited to attend the event. Participation is free of charge.  

The meeting will consist of two parts. Invited experts will highlight their vision of the industry perspectives in 2017. The discussion will cover issues of legal regulations and measures of the State support, particularly the practiсe of awarding the Status of the Priority Investment Project (PIP) and Special Investment Contract (SPIC). The program will focus on possible upcoming updates in the regulations and new challenges for the Timber sector. During the second part of the event participants will have an opportunity to discuss the trends of the business season. 

International woodworking companies will share their experience of setting up manufacturing in the Russian Federation. The participants will also discuss very important topics such as identifying the prospective business niches, choosing the right location to set up production lines and the key investment practises in different regions of Russia. 

Event Venue: Kursovoy per. 8, str. 2; Moscow, Russia

Date and time: 15th of February, 10.00-12.00 (registration starts at 9.30)

Contacts for registration: Ms. Irina Nechipor, +7 967 885 68 35, in@investural.com.

Media accreditation: Ms. Tatiana Belik,  +7 904 162 06 17, pr@investural.com

More details on the event is available through the link http://investural.com/events/timber

19 January 2017, 16:00
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