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Corrugated Packaging Manufacturer Could Become a Resident of the “Bogoslovsky” Industrial Park

Investments project is worth of 125 million roubles of investments.
Currently the Development Corporation of Middle Ural (the Management Company of the “Bogoslovsky” Industrial Park) is evaluating the application form from the project initiator “Bogoslovskaya Gofrotara” LLC.

This project will help to create 36+ new workplaces during the first year and another 100+ new workplaces after the project will come into full capacity. According to the business plan, the company will employ people full time, including those who are currently registered as jobless at the Employment Center of Krasnoturinsk after providing them a special training.

Corrugated cardboard is a packaging material extensively used in various industries and businesses,  it is lightweight and characterized by high durability and low price. According to the plan, the new company in the “Bogoslovsky” will produce corrugated cardboard and conduct deeper processing - manufacture cardboard packaging.

According to Vladimir Kislyakov, the Director of the “Bogoslovskaya Gafrotara”, the packaging from the corrugated cardboard  is currently one of the most demanded on both domestic and foreign markets. Corrugated cardboard packaging holds 50% share of the packaging market. According to estimations, the regional market of corrugated cardboard packaging is growing in 6% per year in the average. Characteristic feature of the corrugated cardboard manufacturing is that it is utilizing wasted paper and cardboard making a positive impact on the environment and enabling to save resources. This type of packaging easily decays and getting self-destructed in natural conditions.  Besides disposed packaging could be recycled again, particularly into pulp cardboard.

As Vladimir Kislyakov commented on it, “The  Northern part of Sverdlovsk Region is an attractive place to set up the manufacturing of corrugated cardboard and packaging because of the large consumptions market for it nearby - the demand is higher than current production, - as well as convenient location and high investment potential. All enterprises of the same type are concentrated in the South of Sverdlovsk Region”.

The “Bogoslovsky” Park is becoming a location of choice because of the privileged tax regime of the Advanced Development Territory which helps to cut cost of production and improve a profit of business. Besides there are following additional advantages: construction of the manufacturing workshop is supervised by the Management Company of the Park and the initial connection to utilities are done free of charge. Raw materials for the manufacturing could be sourced nearby - “Bogoslovskaya Gofrotara” enterprise is planning to procure cardboard and paper from Novolyalinsky Pulp-and-paper Mill.

Vladimir Kislyakov also pointed out, “Well-developed road infrastructure will allow supplying corrugated cardboard not only to enterprises located in the North of Sverdlovsk Region but also to companies in Khanty-Mansiysk Aunomous Okrug: creameries, bakeries, confectionaries, alcoholic beverages plants, machine-building enterprises, furniture factories, poultry and meat-processing plants. Residents of the “Bogoslovsky” Park also require packing materials and we see them as our potential customers allowing cutting transportation costs”

27 January 2017, 10:00
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