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Harmonization: Wood Processors from the Middle Urals are Ready to Provide Raw Materials and Infrastructure to Board Manufacturers and Pulp-And-Paper Plants

The Sverdlovsk Region is getting ready to launch a number of large-scale projects in the field of wood processing. Today, the region is developing facilities using wood processing wastes as the process raw materials. Taking into account the volumes of resources and their availability, the Middle Urals is one of the most promising areas for investment in the production of medium density fiber boards, plastic wood boards, as well as for establishing a pulp-and-paper plant.

The wood processing sector of the Sverdlovsk Region is on the list of Russian TOP 3. It does not suffer from the shortage of wood resources facing even traditionally “forest” Russian regions today, which is often associated with natural barriers and poor transport infrastructure of forestries.

Unlike many Russian constituent entities, the Middle Urals has no big rivers impeding access to the forest pool. At the same time, being a large industrial center, the Sverdlovsk Region has a very well developed network of roads, including forest year-round roads (their length is 18,618 km) and narrow railways (1,448 km). The location in the heart of Russia allows the manufacturers to successfully transport their finished products both to the West and to the East: the Trans-Siberian Railway passes through Ekaterinburg. The city is a hub at the intersection of European and Asian routes.

STOD Holding, a major Russian manufacturer of OSB and LVL beams, chose the Sverdlovsk Region to locate its two enterprises. The project engineering has been completed, a positive opinion of the state expert examination and a construction permit have been obtained by now. Active construction in the Titanium Valley Special Economic Area, where both plants are based, will start in the summer of 2018, while the first products will be manufactured in 2019.

The site may also accommodate other woodworking facilities. The Karpinskoe, Serovskoe, Ivdelskoe, and Sotrinskoe forestries with the estimated annual allowable cut of more than 2 million cubic meters are situated within 100 to 150 km away from the Bogoslovskoe. A major global manufacturer of ice-cream sticks – Chinese Kingsun Development Co has already localized its production in Krasnoturinsk.

The forest complex of the Sverdlovsk Region is developing qualitatively today, while the consumption of resources is being harmonized. New projects are a powerful driver in this process. Loggers and wood processors always face the challenge of selling by-products. The major consumers of technological raw materials that have come to the region drive the development of productions that require saw logs and veneer logs. On the contrary, the increased output of waste wood forms an available and very cheap (from RUB 700 per 1 m3) source of raw materials for manufacturers of density fiber boards and plastic wood boards. Work is under way in the region to efficiently use the wood-cutting area and ensure 100 % recycling. So, it is both interesting and profitable to invest in the wood processing sector of the Sverdlovsk Region,” said Ilya Pachkay, Head of Residents Engagement Division of the Development Corporation of Sverdlovsk Region.

21 May 2018, 10:00
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