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Inferkom-Ural Became a Resident of Bogoslovsky Industrial Park

On June 14th Head of Development Corporation of Middle Ural Dmitry Popov and Director General of Inferkom-Ural Dmitry Andreev signed an Agreement on building an eco-friendly metallurgical plant. The plant producing manganese alloys will be developed on the territory of Bogoslovsky Industrial Park.

The production cycle of manganese ore consists of three levels of processing – ore mining (an existing Ivdel field will be developed with the volume of extracted ore to be approximately 200 000 tons per year), enrichment and production of metal manganese in the facilities of the new plant in Bogoslovsky Park. The production here is organized under the new technological approach and does not require a melting furnace – it is based on chemical reactions taking place in water environment. The final products of the processing chain are the following: ferroalloys - an important component required for almost all types of steel manufacturing; manganese dioxide used to manufacture alkaline batteries; manganese - utilized in production of glass as well as animal food and also an elусtrolytic manganese dioxide (EMD) widely used in large capacity accumulators of electric cars and electronic devices.


Overall sales strategy is aiming to substitute the import. Manganese is currently a short supply raw material for Russian metallurgical industry. In 2014 Russia has imported 100% of all metal manganese, 58% of all ferromanganese and 95% of manganese ore (from South Africa). Almost 90% of manganese in Russia is used for steel production. Largest metallurgical plants are the main buyers of manganese ferroalloys.


Final amount of project investments will be 1,235 billion rubles. During the period of 5 years - from 2016 to 2020 – the company will create 210 new permanent work places. 

14 July 2016, 16:00
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