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Krasnoturyinsk will host a business Forum focused on perspectives for local business and community in connection to awarding the status of Advanced Development Territory (ADT) to this town

The District Forum “Advanced Social-Economic Development Territory: New Opportunities for Entrepreneurs” will take place in Krasnoturyinsk on June, 1st. The Forum should bring the answers to the inquiries from citizens on how the ADT status will help to solve social and economic problems of this district. The presentation of Bogoslovsky Industrial Park – the entity which all the development perspectives for this monotown are associated with – will take place in the framework of the Forum.

First Deputy Chairman of the Government of Sverdlovsk Region  - Minister of Investments and Development Mr. Alexey Orlov, Director General of the Monotowns Development Foundation Mr. Ilya Krivogov, Director General of Development Corporation of Middle Ural Mr. Dmitry Popov, Head of Sverdlovsk Regional Small Business Support Foundation Mr. Evgeniy Kopelyan will take part in the meeting with citizens. The Forum will start with a presentation of the Head of Krasnoturyinsk Town District Mr. Alexander Ustinov who will speak on current situation in the town district and the status of development project for the town including the creation of Bogoslovsky Industrial Park and building of Severopeschansky water supply.

Krasnoturyinsk has become the first town of Sverdlovsk Region to receive the status of Advanced Social-Economic Development Territory – relevant commission of Ministry of Economic Development of Russian Federation has approved the application of Krasnoturyinsk - the final step before receiving official government approval.

The main reason behind creation of Advanced Development Territory for particular monotown is to diversify its economy. Due to tax preferences such territory is becoming very attractive for setting up a production, small and medium business is also receiving an impulse for growth. Special tax regime includes reduced Income tax (5% during first five tax periods since earning of the first profit and 12% rate during next five tax periods instead of the standard 20%), waver of the property and land taxes as well as privileged rate of insurance contributions (the resident will have to pay 7.6% of salary fund for 10 years instead of standard 30%). New employment opportunities independent on town-forming plant will appear as a result of these measures.

More than 2000 new workplaces are expected to emerge which will not be connected with town-forming plant – Bogoslovsky Aluminium Plant (part of United Company Rusal). Statistics of the Town Employment Center will be discussed during the Forum as well as current issues with employment of citizens. It is planned to discuss which specialties will be in demand for ADT and how the professional education system should be adjusted.

Partially funded by Monotowns Support Foundation Bogoslovsky Industrial Park could accommodate new production projects. First residents of the Park – Epsilon LLC and Palitra LLC  will present their employment opportunities (Epsilon LLC - a part of Energia Group of companies - will set up a production line in the IP Bogoslovsky for machine-processing of spare parts for aviation and auto industries; Palitra LLC – is a factory for non-organic industrial colorants based on recycling of alumina wastes.

The Forum will highlight the process of becoming an Industrial Park resident, leasing rates for land plots and workshops, privileges and other means of support available for both startups and mature companies. The participants will be able to learn more about internal infrastructure of the Industrial Park from a dedicated presentation. Up-to-date module-based building technology deployed in the Park will allow to develop quickly a business incubator including production and logistics complexes, trade areas and offices with  convenient parking lots and loading/unloading facilities. Thus Industrial Park residents will get an opportunity to do business in modern, comfortable conditions yet enjoying reduced tax rates and government subsidies.

As Director General of DCMU Dmitry Popov commented on that: “District Forum is a large scale and important gathering where we could discuss the issues of Krasnoturyinsk future development directly with local community with contribution from the Minister, Municipality, representatives of relevant government bodies and the residents of Bogoslovkiy Industrial Park. Founding of the Industrial Park and awarding of ADT status to the town are very important projects with a lot of impact for the future development of Krasnoturyinsk. We aim to develop both projects on time and to maximize the utility for citizens. We will have the honest talk about current problems faced by the town, the perspectives for its development and who will be eligible to receive privileges, support and employment”.

The Forum is open to attend for all interested citizens of Krasnoturyinsk. Registration is available through the website of Bogoslovsky IP bogoslovsky.com.

5 May 2016, 14:00
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