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Monotowns of Sverdlovsk Region will select investment projects to apply for state support

Sverdlovsk Governor Mr. Evgeniy Kuivashev gave an order to regional monotowns to assess the investment projects which could receive state funding, he referred to the example of Bogoslovsky Industrial Park.

On 11th of April Regional Government hosted a meeting on development of monotowns municipalities with participation of Mr. Ilya Krivogov – the Head of Monotowns Support Fund.

Heads of monotowns will have to identify most perspective investment projects to be financed through the Fund. These project should diversify the economy of monotowns, encourage creation of new workplaces and improve the quality of life of citizens – mentioned Evgeniy Kuivashev.

Current development of Krasnoturyinsk monotown is going on successfully with support of the Fund – the town’s application for the status of Advanced Social-Economic Development Territory (ADT) has been already approved by the Ministry of Economy of Russia. Creation of Bogoslovsky Industrial Park is the core project to promote a growth of the town. ADT status is securing significant tax preferences for business and should encourage companies to become residents of the Industrial Park.

According to DCMU, which is coordinating the project, Bogoslovsky Industrial Park have passed the project stage and entering the phase of active construction – industrial boiler room, cable viaducts, access road, module electric substation, the check point and other objects are currently under development.

The Minister of Investments and Development Mr. Alexey Orlov has pointed out that the residents may also start to strategize their projects, get technical requirements and work in cooperation with administration of the Park so they could synchronize the start of development of their own projects with the finishing of Park’s construction.

To reiterate, the amount of co-financing coming from the Fund is 633 million of rubles, 349,2 million are financed from Regional budget.

As Ilya Krivogov put it, this project it truly indicative for Sverdlovsk Region.

State Register of Middle Ural monotown territories includes 17 towns combining 30% of economically active population of Sverdlovsk Region.

In a period of one month the Heads of monotowns must select the projects with the best chances to receive Federal funding. All identified projects will be forwarded to the Commission of the Regional Ministry for Development and Investments which will compile regional application to the Fund.

Monotowns may receive financing from the Fund according to four streams: co-financing of the infrastructure development for Industrial Parks, training for municipalities, setting up a project office to assist monotowns in their development on systematic bases as well as support of particular investment projects. 

12 April 2016, 12:00
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