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Networking Exchange will be functioning in the framework of the Third China-Russian EXPO

On 23rd of May the meeting occurred between the delegation of Harbin city of People’s Republic of China lead by the Head of Chancellery of Foreign and Immigration Affairs of People’s Government Mr. Gao Khueminam with the Minister of International and Foreign Economic Relations of the Sverdlovsk Region Mr. Andrey Sobolev.

Main goal of Chinese delegation’s visit to Ekaterinburg was to discuss a preparation to the Third China-Russian EXPO. Director General of the DCMU which is co-organizing Networking Exchange project Mr. Dmitry Popov also participated in these negotiations.

International Exhibition “China-Russian EXPO” will be held in Ekaterinburg from 11th to 15th of July 2016. Previous exhibitions took place in 2014 and 2015 in the city of Harbin of Heilutzyan province of China. This year more than 300 companies registered to take part in the Third EXPO. The participants will come from Beijing, Shanghai and Southern provinces of China such as Guangdong and Hainan. The EXPO will accommodate companies from such economic sectors as agriculture, medicine, mining of natural resources, engineering technologies, manufacturing of equipment and consumer goods.

All the companies are interested in economic cooperation with Russia and the EXPO is a perfect platform to search for new projects and partners. DCMU is participating in Networking Exchange – a series of business meetings between Chinese entrepreneurs and business community of Sverdlovsk Region – in order to promote international trade relations and investment cooperation.

“Our aim is to achieve tangible practical result. That’s why DCMU is actively selecting regional companies which are developing partnerships with China and could be of an interest to Chinese counterparts at the same time and inviting them to take part in the EXPO” – commented Mr. Dmitry Popov.

In March 2016 DCMU and Harbin Authority of Commerce have signed an Agreement on Trade and Economic Development in the framework of the Cross-border E-commerce Center in the Urals. According to the Agreement the physical stock of products being sold through Chinese on-line shops will be set up Ekaterinburg. It will be located in Russian-Chinese Business Park in Chkalovsky logistics center. Development of the Center has been included in the list of important investment projects by Administration of Harbin. The capital of Middle Urals is interesting to Chinese partners as logistics hub with highly developed transport infrastructure – Ekaterinburg is very convenient for fast delivery and transit of products from China and therefore could soon become a platform for trade operation of Harbin businessmen across all Russia.

During The Third EXPO the Cornerstone will be set on the territory of Russian-Chinese Business Park for future stele celebrating 25th Anniversary of business relations between Sverdlovsk Region and Harbin. The Stella itself should be opened during Fifth Anniversary Russian-Chinese EXPO in 2018.


23 May 2016, 12:00
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