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On January 19th, On-Site Meeting on Creation of the “Bogoslovsky” Industrial Park Took Place in Krasnoturinsk

The Minister of Investments and Trade of Sverdlovsk Region Mr. Dmitry Niskovskikh, the Director General of the Development Corporation of Middle Ural Mr. Sergey Kiselev, the Head of Krasnoturinsk Mr. Alexander Ustinov, the Principal Contractor of the Project and representatives of residents of the Park took part in this meeting lead by the First Deputy of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region Mr. Alexey Orlov.

The development of the infrastructure of the “Bogoslovsky” Industrial Park has been going on according to the Project schedule. A developer of the site Integ Construction Company confirmed the construction planned to be completed by the beginning of Q4 of 2017 - all facilities of the outdoor and indoor infrastructure of the Park should become operational by this time.

The Director General of the DCMU Sergey Kiselev presented the results of what has been been done by the Corporation in order to attract investments and facilitate the projects, he highlighted the DCMU strategic plans for 2017 as well.


In 2016 the town of Krasnoturinsk has been awarded the Status of the Advanced Social and Economic Development Territory (ADT) by the special Decree of the Russian Government. The Status of the ADT sparked an interest of foreign investors because it meant the special conditions for entrepreneurs, low or zero taxes and other benefits.  At the end of 2016 the ADT “Krasnoturinsk” has welcomed first residents - “Epsilon” and “The Flexible Pipes Plant “Uraltrubmash” (a part of “Energia” Group of Companies). Currently Interdepartmental Commission is considering several applications from companies aspiring to be the ADT residents and will take decision on them in the near future.

As Sergey Kiselev pointed out, “A review of applications is going in due course. The Ministry of Investments and Development of Sverdlovsk Region and the Development Corporation of Middle Ural are providing the investors with a versatile support in elaborating the projects and preparing the required documents, particularly for receiving the State co-financing”. 

To remind, apart from assistance offered by Sverdlovsk Regional Business Support Foundation, the ADT residents could also apply for a new type of the Federal support such as loans on privileged conditions from the non-profit Mono-towns Development Fund. The Fund could provide financing for a term of 8 years at 5% interest rate or become an equity partner with a share from 100 million to 1 billion roubles.


As Sergey Kiselev marked, “Among the goals of the Corporation is to establish suitable conditions in the “Bogoslovsky” Industrial Park not only for large enterprises but also for small and medium business, local companies - currently this is the DCMU priority”.


According to the DCMU strategy the Timber sector is one of the priority niches for development in the framework of the “Krasnoturinsk” ADT. The District boasts all the necessary logistics and raw material resources for the Timber industry. The “Bogoslovsky” Industrial Park has ready-to-use infrastructure for this type of business meanwhile the ADT offers privileged tax regulations - all of these in general provide favourable conditions for creating the Timber cluster in Krasnoturinsk.


It is worth to point out the DCMU is currently facilitating negotiations with 7 prominent potential investors in the field of woodworking and also communicating to few dozens of Russian and foreign companies in this sector. Representatives of large Russian enterprise expressing the interest in setting up a deep wood processing manufacturing in the “Bogoslovsky” Park will visit the town of Krasnoturinsk before the end of January.


During the meeting the present and prospective residents of the Industrial Park discussed their projects with the audience. “Menoba” Group of Companies which will develop the “Alma “Medical Systems” - a plant to produce disposable syringes on the basis of the “Bogoslovsky” Industrial Park - declared the plans to start construction on the site in May 2017, currently “Menoba” works on the design project. A potential Park resident - the “Bogoslovskaya Gofrotara” LLC - has announced its project to develop a corrugated cardboard packaging plant which will fill up the gap for packaging materials in the North of Sverdlovsk Region. According to the company representative currently the same type of manufacturing in the Region is located only in Pervouralsk. 

23 January 2017, 13:00
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