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The First Phase of the Business Incubator Will be Launched in the “Bogoslovsky” Industrial Park in September 2017

In May 2017 the Development Corporation of Middle Ural will start the construction of the industrial business incubator for small and medium business on the territory of the ‘Bogoslovsky” Industrial Park (ADT “Krasnoturinsk”). DCMU Director General Mr. Sergey Kiselev announced this initiative during the briefing with journalists.

The building will combine administrative and service areas as well as manufacturing facilities. A total areas of the business incubator will be 1,5 thousand m2. In general, three such modules should be built according to the project.

DCMU is investing into design and development of the business incubator aiming to create suitable conditions for SME companies to operate in the Park. Small-scale manufactures which do not require setting up large separate plants will get an opportunity to lease necessary manufacturing facilities of ‘Bogoslovsky” Park’s infrastructure. The DCMU is contemplating to use subsidies for development of the Second and the Third Phase.

Mr. Kiselev also pointed out that a Forum will take place in Krasnoturinsk in March 2017 where entrepreneurs of the Northern Administrative Divisions of Sverdlovsk Region will be able to apply for becoming residents of the industrial business incubator. 

In 2017 the DCMU has a target to attract around 1,2 billion roubles of investments into “Bogoslovsky” and to create first 50 new workplaces there. However, according to the DCMU the residents of the Park will invest at least 1,9 billion roubles which 38% above the target. To reiterate, “Bogoslovsky” Park is planning to attract 20 billion roubles of investments and create more than 2100 new workplaces by 2020.

According to Mr. Kiselev in 2017 two companies will start the construction on the site of the “Bogoslovsky” Park - “ALMA “Medical Systems” (a plant to produce disposable medical products) and “Sibex” LLC (a manufacturing of equipment for Oil&Gas sector). Both enterprises are residents of the “Bogoslovsky” Park and currently preparing applications for becoming residents of the Advanced Development Territory “Krasnoturinsk”. 

15 February 2017, 08:00
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