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Vilor R&D Company Starts Production of Knife Switches in the Sverdlovsk Region

Ekaterinburg Vilor Group producing electrical products starts its own production of knife switches. Vilor plans to cover its in-house needs for knife switches and enter the market: supply knife switches to Russian manufacturers of electrical products and power engineering companies. Today, 90 % of modern switching equipment is imported to Russia. 

The production of knife switches used in switchboard equipment is just the first stage. Vilor Group plans to develop import-substituting productions of circuit breakers, contactors, and other switching equipment in the future. 

Vilor signed an agreement on the knife switch production establishment providing for 100 % localization with the Development Corporation of Sverdlovsk Region at the Innoprom-2018 exhibition. The Corporation supports the project including the search of process partners. 

Russian enterprises embarking on the course of full cycle production often face the challenge of searching for local suppliers of materials and components. According to Vilor Director Ilya Schwartz, it took several months to find a contractor capable of engineering a proper mold for the plastic housing production. Manufacturers from various Russian cities have been studied, however the choice has fallen on the KB Press-Forma company from Ekaterinburg. 

“It will take two to three months to develop, produce, and test the mold. In parallel, was are working on the second important task – looking for a partner to manufacture high-pressure casting dies for zinc alloys and studying the chemical composition of metals,” said Ilya Schwartz

 According to the Development Corporation of Sverdlovsk Region, Russia is expected to develop its own market of power equipment under the circumstances of legislative changes motivating to switch to the domestic equipment and components. Today, the import share reaches 100 % in some niches of the Russian power market. The Vilor project is a perfect example of a high-quality Russian product development and production. The Company’s efforts and investments are sure to pay back because the market will certainly ensure the demand.

1 August 2018, 10:00
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