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Warehouse Market Overview

There is a deficit of class "A" warehouse facilities in Ekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region. Existing class “A” warehouses are now loaded on 95% and the new objects are sold out at the excavation stage despite the dynamics of completion of new facilities has been continuously growing over the last years.

The demand is growing for the warehouses of classes "A" and "B" within the EKAD. The biggest demand comes from grocery retail, but large networks prefer to build warehouses themselves. An example is the regional logistics center, opened by X5 Retail Group in 2017, located in the area of Koltsovo Airport and will serve Pyaterochka stores. A year earlier, in 2016, the network "Monetka" launched the second stage of a distribution center in the Novo-Sverdlovskaya Power Station area.

Chain store retailers are also building their own distribution centers, locating them in industrial and business parks. For example, the "Sportmaster" and "Verniy" Chain stores built warehouses in Ekaterinburg Pro-Business Park. At the same time, "Sportmaster" is developing another project - the large Federal distribution center, and the work is currently underway. After the construction is over, the area of ​​the FDC will become more than 100 thousand square meters. With regard to the demand for rental and purchase of ready-made warehouse real estate - most tenants here are e-commerce companies, operators taking goods in safe custody for further dispatching and the wholesale distributors.  

Among the new projects, we note the construction of the third stage of the Class A warehouse complex on the Serov highway, the developer of which is the "Rolsey" company. The total area of the complex should be about 80 thousand square meters. The object belongs to the category "foodcity" and will focus primarily on grocery retail. It is also worth highlighting the logopark "Height" under construction on the border with the Koltsovo airport. The management company announces 110 thousand square meters of modern warehouse terminals. These objects, in our opinion, have great perspectives. In this regard, we also highly appreciate the potential of the industrial zone "Pro-Business Park" and the industrial park "Ekad-Yuzhny" (the facility is located in Chkalovsky district of Ekaterinburg and it is characterized by good transport accessibility, access to the road network and contiguity to the fourth stage of EKAD when completed). In the first month after the sections of the industrial zone "Ekad-Yuzhny" were put up for sale, more than 20% of the area was immediately booked.

General Director of the Development Corporation of Middle Ural Mr. Sergei Kiselev gave comments for the website about the real estate Akula.com

Link to publication Development Corporation of Middle Ural has the most relevant and complete database of industrial real estate, which combines demand and supply for the entire region. The database includes ready-to-use workshops, warehouses, land plots in private, municipal and regional ownership, real estate sold under bankruptcy. Apart from the industrial parks which are well-known, there are objects that are not exposed to the "open market". The leasing services for the owner is an additional option.

4 steps for selecting a property for your business:

1. Submitting an Application to the DCMU - indicates the main characteristics of the object (area, necessary infrastructure, etc.)

2. Object selection - DCMU selects the best objects, taking into account wishes and business features

3. Visit and inspection. The DCMU organizes viewing of objects, for foreign investors - visit to the region

4. Completion of the transaction. The DCMU helps to conduct due diligence (comprehensive assessment of the investment object) and issuing documents

For Russian and foreign investors planning to localize production in Sverdlovsk region, services are provided free of charge.

11 September 2017, 13:00
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